Tanjung Aru – take two

Following on from my last post about Tanjung Aru beach, I am pleased to report that our experience there last night was delightful. We arrived at about 5:30pm to catch the sunset – not as spectacular as the one that we witnessed the night before, but it made for an idillic spot none the less. This beach is a lot busier of an evening, though still with a laid back feel. No where near as busy or commercial as some other south east Asian destinations, though it could be different in the high season. It was nice to kick back on a comfy outdoor lounge for a few hours; sipping cocktail and watching the local children frolic about in the water.
Upon dark, we decided to head to Sri Tanjung – a seafood restaurant a couple of doors down that receives good reviews. It did not disappoint – great atmosphere and excellent food. After making our selections from the menu, we enjoyed a performance of some traditional dance and music.


I can’t resist a coconut as my beverage, though Thai coconuts are sweeter and more to my liking.


Tonight’s selections included a chefs special of fish with asam sauce for Paul and dry butter prawns for me. We also had a side of gai larn – all very, very tasty and VERY reasonably priced. I am thinking that our last night here may be a bit ground hoggish – it will be hard to resist not coming back again! The only thing that may keep me at the resort could be the piña coladas – the only decent ones that I have been able to find here (hard to believe it is possible to muck up, they somehow find a way!).




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