Sunday afternoon baking and my quest for the perfect cookie

Husband and I are spending this gorgeous spring afternoon watching our AFL team play in their first final… Well, husband is clearly watching a little more intently than I, though I am keeping track of the game thanks to my excellent multi-tasking skills!

Given alcoholic beverages are off the menu in our household (not a rule for Paul, but I’m glad that he is considerate just the same!), I decided to bake some cookies to have with a match-time coffee. I am always in search of the ultimate cookie recipe and today I have come closer to finding it. A relief, as my last batch was a disaster – far too ‘cakey’ for this cookie lover. I like my cookies to be crisp on the outside and a little bit gooey on the inside. Pleasingly, I managed to achieve that with today’s bake. I got the recipe from the Cadbury website: choc chip cookies

What did I do differently? I used dark chocolate melts instead of milk chocolate bits. As with all my chocolate chip cookies, I also sprinkled them with some sea salt flakes prior to baking.

The verdict? This recipe is a keeper – one that I shall repeat very soon given the rate at which I am consuming them… Satisfying my food cravings is definitely a benefit of pregnancy!



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