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Tuesday night cheat’s ravioli

I had planned to make roast pumpkin salad tonight, but at the last minute, I threw the ingredients that I needed into the trolley so that I could make roast pumpkin ravioli instead. I call it cheats ravioli, as I use wanton wrappers instead of pasta dough – who has time for fresh pasta on … Continue reading

Speedy Mexican

This final term of the school year is no less busy than any other, with little time at the end of the day for inspiration in the kitchen. From me that is… luckily for me, Paul never seems to lose creativity in the kitchen. Tonight Paul quickly whipped up a beef taco and burrito combo … Continue reading

A Monday night winner!

I am a very happy wife right now – Paul made an outstanding dinner tonight and it took him no time at all! A very simple chirozo and eggplant pasta, with the addition of seared scallops to my meal. For someone who does not eat scallops, he is quite the expert at cooking them! Mmm, … Continue reading

Finding my cooking mojo again

I have to admit that the busier I get at work, the more I seem to find myself in a bit of a cooking rut. So having tried a new recipe both last night and tonight, I am feeling quite happy with my efforts. Actually, I think I have demonstrated that I am quite a … Continue reading

Fine dining without leaving home

With a husband who cooks amazing meals, some days I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! Tonight’s pleasant surprise was Paul’s version of beef and reef for me – just beef for Paul, as he can’t eat shellfish (very unlucky!). The dish was composed of a celeriac and thyme purée, topped with scallops, … Continue reading

Paul’s pumpkin salad

Given Paul had made one of my favourite meals tonight, I was very happy to be ‘eating in’ on a Saturday night. Here are the ingredients: Roasted pumpkin Smooth feta cheese Spanish onion Red chili Parma ham Mixed salad greens A dressing of red wine vinegar and olive oil (Also nice with toasted pine nuts, … Continue reading