Speedy Mexican

This final term of the school year is no less busy than any other, with little time at the end of the day for inspiration in the kitchen. From me that is… luckily for me, Paul never seems to lose creativity in the kitchen. Tonight Paul quickly whipped up a beef taco and burrito combo – speedy and satisfying! The reason it was speedy was because Paul had slow-cooked beef on Sunday, thus providing us with meals for half of the working week. Our large clay Emile Henry casserole was definitely worth investing in for such dishes.


When busy at work, I look forward to surprise dinners cooked by Paul and time spent with our adorable puppy, Sage. Sometimes a spot of shopping also brightens my day! Yesterday saw the arrival of a couple of wardrobe additions – even though these items are obviously paid for by me, they still feel like presents when they are delivered to work!


Shopping 🙂

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