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Summer mocktails

This summer, Paul and I have had a bit of fun experimenting with both cocktails and mocktails. I am becoming quite a fan of mocktails and have really been enjoying coconut water with lime – a perfect post-workout treat on a hot day! This is the non-alcoholic version of Paul’s most recent new cocktail – … Continue reading

Gossip girl with a guava cocktail

I shamelessly admit that I am quite the fan of Gossip Girl. It is nice to chill out with a bit of trash TV every so often and rest the brain. I am about to watch the final episode of Gossip Girl now while sipping on a new cocktail, courtesy of husband. This nameless cocktail … Continue reading

An addition to our kitchen

While I have very full cupboards, a blender has been a missing appliance in our kitchen. Some kind friends gave us vouchers at a local store for our wedding and yesterday we finally had the chance to go and spend them – the missing blender being at the top of our list. Here is our … Continue reading

Tanjung Aru beach

In my last blog I made mention of some dodgy reviews and Tanjung Aru beach was one of them. Definitely not the beautiful beach that was described, with the litter strewn the whole way along not helping its cause. There are, however, a number of outdoor bars and dining venues, so no doubt this place … Continue reading

There is something fishy about this place….

There are fish everywhere! At Alu Alu, I found myself in seafood heaven – all manner of seafood in aquarium tanks as you enter and you have the treat of watching a vast array of fish swimming around beneath the restaurant as you dine. The sightings were constant and included Trevally, Tiger Groper, jellyfish and … Continue reading

Let the honeymoon begin!

Today we arrived at the destination that I have most been looking forward to. The Gayana Eco Resort certainly does not disappoint. Only a ten minute ferry ride away from KK, this is the perfect place to relax and unwind. We are staying in a jungle view room in Rimba village. As I am told … Continue reading