There is something fishy about this place….

There are fish everywhere! At Alu Alu, I found myself in seafood heaven – all manner of seafood in aquarium tanks as you enter and you have the treat of watching a vast array of fish swimming around beneath the restaurant as you dine. The sightings were constant and included Trevally, Tiger Groper, jellyfish and tiny little fluorescent creatures that made the water beneath resemble the sky twinkling with stars. Amazing!

The atmosphere of the restaurant was so lovely – an open air pavilion with lanterns to reflect the Chinese influence on the menu. As lovely as the theme and interior was however, I would have been disappointed had we not been able to secure a table looking down on the water. Adding to the ambience was the tumbling water below and the romantic tunes that were being played – a bit of Ronan Keating is actually quite nice at the right time! We were also surprised by a duo of guitarists/vocalists who sang at our table. Usually I am not one for this type of attention, so I struggled to think of a song for them to play. As it happens, they chose one of my favourite Elton John songs (Your Song), followed by Sting’s fields of gold. As much as I wanted them to stay and sing, I felt a sense of relief when they moved on. While I am getting better at using chopsticks, I was nervous using them to eat my prawns with an audience!

Speaking of prawns, I should really move on to the highlight of the night. I decided to leave Mr King Lobster in his tank and opted for scallops and prawns instead. Stir fried with ginger and spring onion, the scallops made the perfect starter. The small scallops in my dish were plentiful and they were mild and buttery in taste. Next I tried a dish that I was curious about – fried prawns with chicken egg floss and curry leaves. I am pleased to report that chicken egg floss is a great savoury accompaniment for tempura fried prawns!

There was no room for dessert, so it was replaced with a piña colada. After an interesting chat with our waiter, we strolled home to find ‘honeymoon swans’ adorning our bed – a special touch with the turn down service.






One thought on “There is something fishy about this place….

  1. How appropriate that the musicians were playing Ronan Keeting – Paul would have been in his element! Did they play, “You say it best, when you say nothing at all…” so he could reminisce? Hehe. Beautiful pics again – food looks good even though I’m not into seafood. Honeymoon swans are very sweet!

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