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A recovery lunch in Geelong

Paul and I travelled to beachside Geelong on the weekend to help friends celebrate their engagement. Neither of us are as skilled as we once were at handling late nights out, so a little bit of recovery eating and relaxation was required before we made the long trip home. Given the glorious spring day that … Continue reading

Finding my cooking mojo again

I have to admit that the busier I get at work, the more I seem to find myself in a bit of a cooking rut. So having tried a new recipe both last night and tonight, I am feeling quite happy with my efforts. Actually, I think I have demonstrated that I am quite a … Continue reading

Lunch at Friars

To make the most of this lovely spring day, Paul and I decided to do lunch. We also used it as an opportunity to spend some quality time with our Golden Retriever puppy, Sage – she was on her best behaviour thankfully! I was pleased with my selection of red curry prawns with soba noodles. … Continue reading

Who needs take away?

A while back, I recall suffering a slight hangover after a 40th birthday bash and pondering what on earth to do for dinner. At the time, I really craved dumplings and not having the luxury of a decent take out option in our town, I set off to gather the ingredients that I needed. Usually … Continue reading