Who needs take away?

A while back, I recall suffering a slight hangover after a 40th birthday bash and pondering what on earth to do for dinner. At the time, I really craved dumplings and not having the luxury of a decent take out option in our town, I set off to gather the ingredients that I needed. Usually I make some simple pork pot stickers using a favourite Donna Hay recipe. For whatever reason however, that night I decided to experiment with more fillings and different styles of cooking. Along with the tried and true pot stickers, I made some steamed pork dumplings, steamed chicken dumplings and a chicken filled wonton soup. I did cheat and use a Campbell’s chicken consommé as my base for the soup, however!

Here is my wonton production line – I must say, probably a bit ambitious when not feeling 100%!


The end result…



Having made so many dumplings, I decided to freeze them in zip lock bags. This was an experiment, but it turns out that they freeze and cook well. In fact, I just cooked up a batch of the pot stickers for lunch. Given I am home from work to get organised post-honeymoon, I wanted a quick and easy alternative for lunch so that I could get back to tidying up.

Here is a picture of lunch – all prepared in less time than it would have taken me to get take away.


This is the recipe from Donna’s book and a picture of the cover. I love this cookbook for weeknight meals!



Donna’s dumplings from the book:


Well, here I am clearly in procrastination mode… I think blogging about lunch defeats the purpose of my quick lunch in the first place! So back to unpacking luggage for me….

2 thoughts on “Who needs take away?

  1. Your dumplings look awesome (but im imagining them without yucky pork filling) and now I am suffering from huge cravings for HuTong Dumpling Bar!! I showed foodie-Nigel, from school, your dumplings and he was impressed too! Good work twister.

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