Twin-Sky – one review that was on the money

We set off on foot last night to find Twin-Sky Seafood restaurant, or more specifically, Suangtain Seafood at Kampung Air. Having followed some reviews from both trip advisor and our travel guide book on this trip, I was not feeling confident. I am pleased to report that this restaurant did live up to the reviews that it has received. It is actually a restaurant in the corner of a large seafood restaurant complex – tanks of fresh seafood morsels lined every side of the open air building. It took us a minute to spot Suangtain, but when we did it was promising to see that this was clearly the busiest eatery in the centre. We ignored all other touts and made a b-line for the back right corner, where we had to wait a little while for a table. Waiting was no problem though, as the tanks make for interesting viewing, as do the trolleys of food being wheeled out in quick succession.

Some of the seafood on offer…


Not a nice example of battery farming – poor little shrimp that grow inside plastic bottles.


Yes, I did choose a fresh lobster, but I declined to photograph him – did not want to look at him too much before I ate him. Silly, I know… Anyway, here he is baked in cheese.


We had quite a spread for only two people, but it seems to be the done thing here. In fact, we seemed quite conservative in our ordering compared to some others around us!


The lobster was definitely the highlight of the order for me, but all the dishes were excellent. In fact, the vegetable side dish came a close second. We ordered fried eggplant and it was amazing. It was fried off with chilli, garlic and spring onion. There were some other flavours too and I am sure Paul will be keen to step up to the challenge of emulating it at home. The rest of our order consisted of egg butter calamari and Cantonese noodles – washed down with a beer for Paul and a Thai coconut for me. Not bad for about $50 AUD! My non-shellfish eating husband is keen to go back for the eggplant tonight, so I am certainly not going to pass up the opportunity to enjoy more seafood delights. Mmm, I think some fried prawns with egg floss are definitely in order…

2 thoughts on “Twin-Sky – one review that was on the money

  1. Wow – that eggplant dish sounds really yummy – all flavours I like! If Paul cooks it back home make sure you invite me over!

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