Time for some retail therapy

Following our Sunday Market excursion, Paul and I made our way to the most modern shopping mall that I have come across so far in KK – Suria Sabah. Naturally, I was drawn into the Coach store first (but I was very, very good!) and then we made our way to Starbucks for a long overdue caffeine hit.



The coach bag that I left behind in my good spending behaviour – amazing what being married and having ‘our money’ vs ‘my money’ will do to a shopaholic!


I did squeeze in a little shop, though I find that I have to really hunt to find things that suit my taste.


My shopping did make me hungry, but eating was put on hold, as I had more important things to attend to – my nails. My toes looked pretty good coming here (for a home paint job that is), but insect repellent sure does wreak havoc on nail varnish. An hour later, I felt much more presentable.



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