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Fun in the water

Yet another hot, dry day today called for a trip to the lake for puppy to practise her swimming. Sage had a lovely time fetching her ball in the water and playing with more new-found pals. Today she had great delight in stealing sticks from a gentle old labrador and frolicking about with a cheeky … Continue reading

Post-Christmas puppy presents!

Today it was puppy reaping the rewards of my online shopping! Just before Christmas, I decided that our gift to her would be a new bed for her time indoors. Of course, when I happened across a gorgeous new doggy boutique (pet shop girls), I could not resist making a couple of other little purchases … Continue reading

A new shoe addition…

It was with much excitement when I opened my last package from the post office before Christmas. Merry Christmas to me! Poor husband just shook his head… I’m not sure that he believes me when I tell him such purchases are investments! Anyway, I was so pleased that they fit perfectly. The good Aussie dollar, … Continue reading

A Melbourne Sunday

Before leaving Melbourne today, I decided that I needed a little bit of time in the city first. I didn’t really plan to shop, but I am pleased with my little spend up. On our way through the mall, we stopped by the Myer city department store to view it’s annual Christmas window. Not having … Continue reading

Speedy Mexican

This final term of the school year is no less busy than any other, with little time at the end of the day for inspiration in the kitchen. From me that is… luckily for me, Paul never seems to lose creativity in the kitchen. Tonight Paul quickly whipped up a beef taco and burrito combo … Continue reading

An addition to our kitchen

While I have very full cupboards, a blender has been a missing appliance in our kitchen. Some kind friends gave us vouchers at a local store for our wedding and yesterday we finally had the chance to go and spend them – the missing blender being at the top of our list. Here is our … Continue reading

Late night shopping

After our day by the pool and evening at the beach, I even found time to do a spot of shopping! When we returned to the resort from dinner, I was tempted to have a look in the gift shop on site. Much better than anticipated! Here is my little purchase – a summer scarf … Continue reading

Time for some retail therapy

Following our Sunday Market excursion, Paul and I made our way to the most modern shopping mall that I have come across so far in KK – Suria Sabah. Naturally, I was drawn into the Coach store first (but I was very, very good!) and then we made our way to Starbucks for a long … Continue reading