An addition to our kitchen

While I have very full cupboards, a blender has been a missing appliance in our kitchen. Some kind friends gave us vouchers at a local store for our wedding and yesterday we finally had the chance to go and spend them – the missing blender being at the top of our list.

Here is our new addition to our appliance family:


I know that Paul was most keen for a blender to whip up his post-workout protein smoothies, but I have a much better use for it….

Here is one of the ingredients, can you guess what it is?


Piña coladas don’t have to be just for when we are on vacation 🙂


3 thoughts on “An addition to our kitchen

  1. Only Kettle would buy a blender and the first thing she makes is is a Piña Colada! I would have taken Paul’s preference – protein shake!

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