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Hello food. It is so nice to enjoy you again!

Tomorrow I will be 26 weeks into my first pregnancy, the reason behind the grinding halt of my blog! As one of the ‘lucky ones’ who has managed to leave the first trimester morning sickness well behind me, I am now enjoying food almost as much as my pre-pregnancy days… so long as there is … Continue reading

A Melbourne Sunday

Before leaving Melbourne today, I decided that I needed a little bit of time in the city first. I didn’t really plan to shop, but I am pleased with my little spend up. On our way through the mall, we stopped by the Myer city department store to view it’s annual Christmas window. Not having … Continue reading

Who needs take away?

A while back, I recall suffering a slight hangover after a 40th birthday bash and pondering what on earth to do for dinner. At the time, I really craved dumplings and not having the luxury of a decent take out option in our town, I set off to gather the ingredients that I needed. Usually … Continue reading