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Tanjung Aru – take two

Following on from my last post about Tanjung Aru beach, I am pleased to report that our experience there last night was delightful. We arrived at about 5:30pm to catch the sunset – not as spectacular as the one that we witnessed the night before, but it made for an idillic spot none the less. … Continue reading

Eyes too big for our bellies!

Once again, Paul and I stuffed ourselves silly at Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant. Tonight’s dishes were stir fried choy sum, scallops with ginger and spring onion, crab with salted egg, beef noodles, lemon crispy skin chicken and the fried eggplant that we sampled last night. Mmm, mmm, mmm! The aftermath!

Tanjung Aru beach

In my last blog I made mention of some dodgy reviews and Tanjung Aru beach was one of them. Definitely not the beautiful beach that was described, with the litter strewn the whole way along not helping its cause. There are, however, a number of outdoor bars and dining venues, so no doubt this place … Continue reading

Twin-Sky – one review that was on the money

We set off on foot last night to find Twin-Sky Seafood restaurant, or more specifically, Suangtain Seafood at Kampung Air. Having followed some reviews from both trip advisor and our travel guide book on this trip, I was not feeling confident. I am pleased to report that this restaurant did live up to the reviews … Continue reading

Time for some retail therapy

Following our Sunday Market excursion, Paul and I made our way to the most modern shopping mall that I have come across so far in KK – Suria Sabah. Naturally, I was drawn into the Coach store first (but I was very, very good!) and then we made our way to Starbucks for a long … Continue reading