Simple pleasures…

We landed back on Australian soil today and I am now housesitting for my Mother overnight. Walking around the house tonight, it struck me that I have a renewed sense of appreciation for the simple things around me at home. Here are some of the simple things that I would normally just walk right on past without giving them a second glance…





The next two are simple as well, but important to me just the same. I was very much looking forward to returning home to my beloved pets, especially Sage, our 5 month old golden retriever. It was lots of fun being greeted by all four golden retrievers when we entered the backyard after our two week absence. It was nice also to find our two sweet ponies waiting for their night time carrot treats before being locked up with their proper dinner for the evening.

Sage – muddy paws are a dead give away to some undesirable digging behaviour in the backyard! She is pictured here sitting next to her mother, Rosie.

Sophie and Winnie, awaiting their carrot entrée


I even enjoyed tonight’s VERY simple dinner – porterhouse steak with a mustard side, accompanied by a basic garden salad. I hadn’t realised just how much I had missed fresh, leafy greens while in Asia.


It is always hard returning home after a holiday, but how wonderful that a holiday can help open your eyes up to all of the wonderful things that surround you each and every day. On that note, it is time for this weary traveller to hit the pillow 🙂

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