Fast forward a few years

A lot has happened since my last post; the biggest change being the expansion of our little family from 2 members to 4. Life may not be as luxurious for Paul and I these days, but we consider ourselves to be among the luckiest people in the world… as cliched as that sounds! Thomas and Ivy have enriched our lives in a way that only children can. Everyday is a new adventure and while I do tend to complain about the never ending laundry, constant mess and lack of sleep, two happy little faces remind me each day that I truly do have the best job in the world!

I once posted about my shopping exploits and our culinary experiences. Both are a little different these days, as my posts from this point will reflect. Shopping and eating still remain two of my favourite activities, however they can mostly now be linked to the children in some way. After an almost 3 year break, I have no idea how often I will be posting now that life is a different kind of busy. However, my plan is to take some moments out of my days being ‘Mum’ to share some of my favourite things.


Our first born, Thomas


Tommy’s baby sister, Ivy



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