Time for some cooking inspiration

While out on a grocery shop today (my first in a long time thanks to my wonderful husband!), I spotted the Gourmet Traveller edition that I religiously purchase on an annual basis. Each year I look forward to planning restaurant visits based on the reviews in this excellent guide. I suppose my choices may have to factor in some other elements now though; such as pram access and, rather sadly, budget. I don’t think I’m quite ready for this living off one wage business!


So back to the title of this post. My twin sister and I often remark that we have both lost our ‘cooking mojo’ with the onset of our busy professional lives. Well, now that I am on leave, I plan to find it again! There certainly is plenty of inspiration in this magazine, however one thing that I cannot wait to enjoy is the baked cheese. Oh how I have missed soft cheeses and wine throughout this pregnancy! This recipe is definitely on my ‘to-do list’ for when I leave hospital, to be paired with a nice oaky Chardonnay. Not long now…


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