Maternity leave – Day #2

Yesterday was my first official day of maternity leave. I have to say that I am loving this glorious spring weather; so much so that I am almost feeling a bit clever producing a spring baby! As we had appointments in Melbourne yesterday, Paul and I did manage to seek out some delicious food about the city. However it was a tiring day now that walking and even sitting still is not always so comfortable.

So today is my first day of relaxing on maternity leave. Sure, I am doing loads and loads of washing (to make the most of the sunshine), but it somehow doesn’t seem a chore when hurrying is not necessary. My favourite things today have been:

Enjoying a morning walk with our ‘golden girl’, Sage.


Sipping on my new herbal tea and indulging in a chocolate treat – salted caramel and liquor dipped cherries. My favourites!




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