Post-Christmas puppy presents!

Today it was puppy reaping the rewards of my online shopping! Just before Christmas, I decided that our gift to her would be a new bed for her time indoors. Of course, when I happened across a gorgeous new doggy boutique (pet shop girls), I could not resist making a couple of other little purchases too!

The new bed is a Molly Mutt duvet cover. I have stuffed it with an old doona and clearly it is more than satisfactory as far as Sage is concerned, as she has only hopped off it once since its arrival! This bed is fantastic – it not only looks good, but it is practical too. The cover zips off for washing and it is reassuring to know that the fabric used is of a high quality and pre-shrunk.

My other little purchase for Sage was a new Mimi Green collar and lead set. I love the tangerine and mint fabrics that have been cleverly combined (each collar and lead has a coordinated range of fabrics – our set is the ‘Murphy’). Husband was pleased to have a collar and lead set that was for once not pink, though I can’t say he was overly pleased about the crochet flower. I think it is super cute and lucky for Paul, it is attached with velcro straps so that he can simply remove it when he walks her.

Plenty of room on the bed for Sage to sprawl out and share it with her beloved soft toys!

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