Quinoa success!

Tonight I trialled a new recipe from the book my friend Caroline gave me at Christmas – ‘Fresh and Light’ by Donna Hay. The recipe was for Thai green curry chicken skewers with ginger quinoa. I adapted the recipe slightly by cooking the chicken in strips and by shallow frying, rather than baking under the grill.

Here is the end product:


The recipe was so simple and bursting with flavour! Definitely a new favourite in our household, as is quinoa – I can’t believe it has taken me this long to cook with it!

I realised tonight that most of my favourite recipes are in fact from a Donna Hay cookbook – the books never disappoint! Here is the cover of the latest book – I highly recommend it!


5 thoughts on “Quinoa success!

  1. And me also?

    Looks delicious. Easy?? I’m ‘one of those’ these days…..someone who can only manage quick and easy…..bloomin’ kids!

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