Fun in the water

Yet another hot, dry day today called for a trip to the lake for puppy to practise her swimming. Sage had a lovely time fetching her ball in the water and playing with more new-found pals. Today she had great delight in stealing sticks from a gentle old labrador and frolicking about with a cheeky little fox terrier. Home now and she is all tuckered out – sleeping soundly and smelling sweet thanks to her new lavender shampoo and conditioner. Once again, another great product for our furry friend; thanks Pet Shop Girls!


One thought on “Fun in the water

  1. Looks like a fun but tiring day for Sage! My old lab retriever used to just LOVE going to the local beach for a swim and a play. Definitely a good idea in this weather! Glad the shampoo & conditioner came in handy so early!! 🙂

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