Papa Goose – a fabulous new find

Last night we headed into the city for a casual dinner and movie. We decided to try another new restaurant and as it turns out, we now have another restaurant to add to our list of favourites. Papa Goose is located in Flinders Lane and the interior has a bit of an industrial vibe. A great location, coupled with great service – friendly wait staff who know the menu well. The menu is described as modern British fare and it certainly impressed the two of us. In fact, Paul declared that it was the best presented food that he has ever had – quite a big call!



Amuse Bouche – a tomato consommé with basil oil.


Pan roasted salmon, confit belly, cauliflower, cider, elderberry and chives.


Seared pork fillet, crisp belly, stones ginger, butternut pumpkin, apricot.


Garlic and rosemary potato side.


Salted chocolate bar, coffee, pear, caramel and hazelnut.


Papa’s Piña Colada – textures of pineapple, coconut and white chocolate.


We were so pleased with our Papa Goose experience and walked out feeling very full and content. Still room for a bit of snacking for this popcorn addict during Life of Pi however…


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