Getting organised in the home

Though a bit sad to admit, a highlight of my holidays thus far has been getting organised at home. Spring has been and gone, so this has been more of a summer-clean. How liberating it was to empty out cupboards, create new space and drop a boot-load of wares to St Vinnie’s!

Throughout my summer clean, Ikea has been my best friend. Howard’s Storage World has also been useful. Here are some of my new storage solutions:

Finally, a place to store my handbag for the day, as well as other carryalls. An over the door hanger from Howard’s Storage World (placed over the laundry door).


A ‘Grundtal’ drying rack from Ikea – mounted in the laundry for air-drying delicates.


Perhaps my favourite – a Tjusig rack with hooks used to store jewelry items on the way into my walk in robe (which is near exploding point, it is so full!).



A glimpse inside the almost overflowing robe… More handy ikea hangers.


In the garage, we assembled a shelf and some much needed storage for sports shoes.



Oh and back to the wardrobe… Some more hooks for necklaces and skinny belts.


While not in keeping with the home organisation theme, I couldn’t help but share this lovely print that I have now finally mounted on a wall in our bedroom. I was lucky enough to win this print from an artist by the name of Rebecca Hillis, who happens to be a good friend of a friend (also Rebecca!).


Well, I am off to do a spot of vacuuming – also sad considering it is a Friday night! I can’t help but love using my new dyson vac – I never imagined that I would be happy to make this an almost daily chore!


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