Finding my cooking mojo again

I have to admit that the busier I get at work, the more I seem to find myself in a bit of a cooking rut. So having tried a new recipe both last night and tonight, I am feeling quite happy with my efforts. Actually, I think I have demonstrated that I am quite a good wife by cooking tonight when not really necessary. Though I had left-overs from last night, I thought I might whip up some weekday lunches while husband was out for the evening.

Here is my crispy pancetta, spinach and ricotta bake. I hope it tastes as good as it smells – too close to bedtime to sample right now…


Last night I tried a new Donna Hay recipe – a rustic baked chicken and lentil dish. It was certainly a tasty, yet simple dish. It needed just that little something else – I think next time I would serve it with some grilled and garlic-rubbed ciabatta.

Preparation stage of the rustic chicken…


Cooking off the leeks, pancetta and herbs…


Voila! Sunday night rustic chicken!


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