Fitzrovia fare

Paul and I set out for a quick lunch today before the wedding that we have travelled to Melbourne for. Relying on the good sign that a full eatery sends, we decided to try the ‘FITZROVIA fine food republic’. Located on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda, this place has a very cool vibe with a mixed age clientele. The modern exterior hides a traditional building inside with plenty of lovely period features. I loved the decor – lots of fresh produce on display about the place. But let’s face it, nice decor is one thing… What about the food you say?! It was delicious! We both settled for a breakfast dish, though I am tempted to return for the prawn and scallop dish tomorrow…



My haloumi and zucchini fritters, topped with poached eggs and green tomato relish. This was sitting atop a spiced cauliflower salad, with a side of istra bacon.


Paul’s thick cut bacon with a gruyere potato cake, poached egg and chipotle.


Produce flanking the stairs


What to choose?! We simply had to take something away for later!



Salted caramel and chocolate slice – coupled with a peppermint tea, it made for a perfect post-ceremony and pre-reception snack! Now to touch up my makeup an head to the reception 🙂


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