Tuesday night cheat’s ravioli

I had planned to make roast pumpkin salad tonight, but at the last minute, I threw the ingredients that I needed into the trolley so that I could make roast pumpkin ravioli instead. I call it cheats ravioli, as I use wanton wrappers instead of pasta dough – who has time for fresh pasta on a week night? Or any night, in my case!

My ravioli filling is super easy with no measurements involved – roasted pumpkin, an egg, ricotta, grated Parmesan and salt/pepper. Sometimes I add some breadcrumbs to this mix too. I serve the ravioli with a burnt butter and sage sauce, topped with some roasted slivered almonds and a bit more grated Parmesan.

Here is the end result (the only thing missing tonight was a nice oaky Chardonnay!):


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