Eating like Kings at breakfast!


In light of the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we thought we had better do the ‘right thing’ today and indulge in three courses. First for me was a serving of apple compote, which I topped with almonds, raisins and pumpkin seeds.


Next I couldn’t help but sample the sea bass hash that Paul had yesterday. Divine! A perfect mix of sweet and savoury with the potato hash, grilled sea bass and poached egg sitting atop grilled pineapple, all with a generous drizzle of buerre blanc sauce.


I finished my breakfast with a serving of fruit. Today I braved a local fruit called salak – initially I did find it rather off putting, owing to it’s scaly snake-like skin. I am sorry to say that I got more pleasure from peeling the salak than eating it. It is one of those strange fruits that actually leaves your mouth a bit dry. Here is what the lobes on the inside (the edible parts) look like:


4 thoughts on “Eating like Kings at breakfast!

  1. This blogging is very interesting stuff. It’s like going on an overseas trip but not leaving aus. Glad to see you are fitting in a bit of exercise with the kayaking. You might have to fit in a little more with all the beautiful food you are eating. Enjoying reading your posts 🙂

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