It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas!

Two days into my summer break and I am most definitely into Christmas holiday mode. In fact, holiday mode began on the last day of the school term when I was spoiled with thoughtful gifts by some of my closest colleagues.

I am very excited about the Donna Hay cookbook – light and easy recipes that are perfect for summer.

My friend Alicia made these salted caramel truffles. Perfection!

Our puppy, Sage, even scored some gifts. The possum is definitely now her favourite indoors toy…

The weather here is nice and hot at the moment, so Paul and I jumped at the chance to teach Sage how to swim at the lake yesterday. She certainly has that skill down pat now – not sure if it was due to Paul’s help in the water, or role modeling from her new black labrador friend ‘Kip’. Whatever the case, we are proud of her! Being by the water sure does signal summer as well…

Here is Sage all tuckered out after her efforts in the water.

Holidays seem to be inspiring hubby in the kitchen even more so. This Asian beef noodle salad was superb!


Today I had great satisfaction in cleaning the house. No photo of that though; boring!

Once the house was clean, it was time to start wrapping my Christmas gifts. This is a task that I always love, though there is certainly a correlation between timeliness of the task and how busy I am at work. Never before have I been this late! This year I have stuck with simple brown paper for most of the gifts, with christmas berries and red grosgrain ribbon. The kids gifts are a bit more fun – there needed to be some sparkle somewhere!

My Christmas tree is non-traditional this year – gum tree branches from my Mum’s property, adorned with red festive lanterns.

For the kids…

‘Table gifts’ for my twin sister’s Christmas breakfast – a favourite tradition in our family.

I had a little helper by my side throughout the whole gift-wrapping exercise. I am pretty sure that she thought I had treats up on the kitchen table. Don’t worry Sage, you’ll get a present too…

In aide of holiday relaxation, it is now time to put my feet up and settle in to watch a movie with Paul…

2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas!

  1. This is so fantastic Kirsten!

    I adore the berries and the ribbon on the presents! and the kids gifts look great!

    Sage is sooo so cute even when she is bigger!

    We are doing Christmas brekkie at Daivd and Gills house this year too! You might have to explain ‘table gifts’ to me. Gee now I think about it, our family doesn’t have any yearly traditions like that!


    • Thanks Samantha.

      Table presents came to be after the very first Christmas breakfast that Janelle hosted. She had set the table beautifully, including a little gift for each guest by their name tag. Coupled with great food, it makes for a perfect start to Christmas day. I guess the table gifts are a bit of a prelude to the ‘real deal’ gifts that we give afterward at Mum’s house 🙂

      Enjoy breakfast at Gill’s… Perhaps you can start a new family tradition!

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