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Spending time at Starbucks

Here we are at the Kota Kinabalu airport waiting to begin our journey home. Killing time is made oh so much easier by this yummy salted caramel mocha frappacino (and free wifi of course). So tasty that I am regretting all those times I walked past a Starbucks in KK, saw the advert for them … Continue reading

Late night shopping

After our day by the pool and evening at the beach, I even found time to do a spot of shopping! When we returned to the resort from dinner, I was tempted to have a look in the gift shop on site. Much better than anticipated! Here is my little purchase – a summer scarf … Continue reading

Tanjung Aru – take two

Following on from my last post about Tanjung Aru beach, I am pleased to report that our experience there last night was delightful. We arrived at about 5:30pm to catch the sunset – not as spectacular as the one that we witnessed the night before, but it made for an idillic spot none the less. … Continue reading

A lazy day by the pool

Yesterday we lazed around the pool area all day long – the perfect way to fully recharge our batteries before we sadly have to depart tomorrow. Checking emails after breakfast – this became our little hang out spot for the entire day (much more comfortable once the cushions arrived!) Where we headed to cool off… … Continue reading

A date with the man of the jungle

Translation – a date with the amazing orangutans at the Shangri La Rasa Ria orangutan rehabilitation centre. Sadly, no petting or cuddles – naturally this would not aide their rehab. We were lucky enough to view two adult females (one was particularly cheeky!) in the rehab area and a baby male in the nursery. He … Continue reading

I am officially a buffet convert

I am sitting here writing a post-dinner blog to allow my dinner to settle. When Paul suggested the buffet for dinner here at the Magellan Sutera Resort, I thought he was crazy. He persisted after my initial ‘no’ response and urged me to at least look at it. When I spotted an assortment of seafood, … Continue reading