Pork belly leftovers = share platter for two

At first we thought we had a bit of a dilemma on our hands tonight – how to share three pieces of left over pork belly between the two of us? I left it in the too hard basket and husband once again worked his creative magic in the kitchen!

Tonight I was presented with a share platter for two. Of course the pork belly was the star of the dish – three pieces made into smaller, bite sized morsels. Accompanying it was a warm roasted capsicum, chilli and macadamia dip (I wondered why he put a capsicum and chilli in the oven before our walk with puppy!), thyme and garlic mushrooms, seared chorizo and paprika sweet potato chips. I am in awe of Paul’s skills in the kitchen – quite impressive for an Assistant Principal who was once a PE teacher!


All that I was required to do tonight was pour the cider – a new experience for this wine drinker. It was a Westons Wyld Wood organic pear cider from the UK that really seemed to compliment the meal. I know it’s a bit silly, but the fact that it is organic made me feel less guilty about consuming it!


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