Birthday breakfast

Today is our birthday – ‘our’ meaning that of my twin and I. I will be seeing my sister at lunch time and then husband and I are off to Ezard for dinner. Can’t wait! The day has started off very well with a yummy breakfast prepared by Paul. Poached egg on sourdough with a … Continue reading

Gossip girl with a guava cocktail

I shamelessly admit that I am quite the fan of Gossip Girl. It is nice to chill out with a bit of trash TV every so often and rest the brain. I am about to watch the final episode of Gossip Girl now while sipping on a new cocktail, courtesy of husband. This nameless cocktail … Continue reading

Donna has done it again!

Tonight I made my second dish from my new Donna Hay cookbook and, as the title of this post would suggest, it was delicious! This recipe was so very easy and basically it called for some staple pantry items and fresh herbs. Ingredients included cherry tomatoes, garlic cloves, oregano, thyme and procuitto, all baked together … Continue reading

Quinoa success!

Tonight I trialled a new recipe from the book my friend Caroline gave me at Christmas – ‘Fresh and Light’ by Donna Hay. The recipe was for Thai green curry chicken skewers with ginger quinoa. I adapted the recipe slightly by cooking the chicken in strips and by shallow frying, rather than baking under the … Continue reading

Post-Christmas puppy presents!

Today it was puppy reaping the rewards of my online shopping! Just before Christmas, I decided that our gift to her would be a new bed for her time indoors. Of course, when I happened across a gorgeous new doggy boutique (pet shop girls), I could not resist making a couple of other little purchases … Continue reading

A new shoe addition…

It was with much excitement when I opened my last package from the post office before Christmas. Merry Christmas to me! Poor husband just shook his head… I’m not sure that he believes me when I tell him such purchases are investments! Anyway, I was so pleased that they fit perfectly. The good Aussie dollar, … Continue reading

Minestra di pomodoro – my comfort food

When watering my herbs yesterday, I tip pruned my basil plants. It was the heady aroma of basil that made me crave then and there my comfort food – a rustic Italian tomato soup. This recipe is one that was given to me verbally by my twin sister. We do not have set measures for … Continue reading

Breakfast crepes

A rainy Saturday calls for a bit of a lazy day in my book, so naturally that means a more indulgent breakfast is called for as well. Feeling a little tired of eggs, this morning I decided to make a batch of crepes. I recall once reading about the addition of sparkling mineral water to … Continue reading